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This is a microcosmic film about a fortress city called “Mazagao” that was founded by the portuguese in the western coast of Morocco in 1514. It’s population held the unconquerable fortress for 250 years against hundreds of attacks launched by the moors. But the portuguese king decided to deport all the population in 1769 to the Brazil, Amazonian jungle, to build another city with the same name, to prevent attacks from another european nations in the area. It’s five hundred years of history, mixing together different, cultures, religions and ethnicities of two Mazagao all through the Atlantic Ocean. Today, in the Moroccan Mazagao, in El Jadida, we can find a fantastic fortress, considered World Heritage by UNESCO, with lots of fantastic stories to tell. In the Brazilian Mazagao, we can discover the fabulous Saint Tiago party, held annually and celebrating and simulating the battles between Christian and Moor knights.

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Date: October 7, 2015

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