Documentary of the recording session and rehearsal of ZHIVAGO, with Kurt Rosenwinkel & the Big Band Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos for there new album Our Secret World.

An ambitious Big-Band Reworking of Seven Rosenwinkel Compositions. Kurt Rosenwinkel has always given us music that has conveyed a sense of masterful storytelling & breathtaking imaginative reach. His significance to the ever-evolving jazz tradition in fact transcends the oft-cited lineage of jazz guitar in much the same way that Thelonious Monk and Wayne Shorter both impacted colleagues much beyond the scope of their respective instruments. For what has perhaps distinguished Kurt more than anything is his one-of-a-kind compositional voice — full of mystery and power, marked by an effortless marriage of high complexity and simple, undeniable emotional appeal. These qualities, hallmarks of Kurt’s output from the beginning, are apparent perhaps as never before on a new big band release.


Produced by Tráfico Audiovisual
A film by Luís Araújo – concept and direction
Filmed entirely in Porto – Portugal

Project Details

Date: October 11, 2015

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